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USA Civil War Could Start Anytime!

Unite the Right, the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, explained
The alt-right rally was a coming-out party for resurgent white nationalism in America.
Updated by Dara Linddara@vox.com 
Aug 14, 2017
Hundreds of protesters descended upon Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday for a “Unite the Right” rally: a belated coming-out party for an emboldened white nationalist movement in the United States.
The rally was dispersed by police minutes after its scheduled start at noon, after clashes between rallygoers and counter-protesters, and after a torchlit pre-rally march Friday night descended into violence.
But later that day, as rallygoers began a march and counterprotests continued, a reported Nazi sympathizer drove a car into a crowd of counterprotesters, killing one and injuring 19.
Self-described “pro-white” activist Jason Kessler organized the rally to protest the planned removal of a statue of confederate general Robert E. Lee from a park in Charlottesville. Kessler is affiliated with the alt-right movement that uses internet trolling tactics to argue against diversity and “identity politics” — part of a broader cultural backlash that helped elect Donald Trump.
But the rally quickly attracted other more traditional groups of white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan.
The involvement of hate groups and the threat of violence led the city of Charlottesville to attempt to marginalize the rally for “hate speech,” but the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) defended the demonstrators’ rights. The combination of rallygoers spoiling for a fight, and counter-protestors determined to convey that the rallygoers’ ideology was not welcome in America, allowed the violence to overshadow the speech — and eventually prevent the rally from going forward as planned.
Plans to remove a Confederate statue have made Charlottesville a hot spot for right-wing activism
Charlottesville, like many cities in the South, still has public spaces and monuments celebrating heroes of the Confederacy — many of which weren’t erected until the 20th century, as the civil rights movement began to pick up steam and Jim Crow laws started to come under attack.
In the wake of the 2015 massacre of several worshipers at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston by a white supremacist, there’s been a renewed push to remove some of these Confederate monuments and rename streets and squares honoring the Confederacy. But where those campaigns have succeeded, there’s often been a backlash from conservatives concerned about attempts to erase history, Southerners who consider the Confederacy part of their “heritage,” and outright white nationalists.
In Charlottesville, advocates targeted a statue of Robert E. Lee in a park called Lee Square — city council members pointed out that Lee had no connection to Charlottesville, implying that commemorating him was just an indirect way to celebrate the Confederacy, while a high-school student collected 600 signatures on a Change.org petition to rename the statue. (A counter-petition collected 2,000 signatures.)
In February, the city council voted to sell the statue and rename the park Emancipation Park. (The statue is still in place.)
The decision made the city a target for right-wing activism  and shows of strength — and for activists keen to stand up to them and demonstrate that such ideas weren’t welcome. The Ku Klux Klan held a rally in Charlottesville in July, which was dwarfed by a massive counter-protest.
Meanwhile, Charlottesville resident Jason Kessler — a pro-white activist and a member of the Proud Boys, a loose collective of pro-Trump alt-rightists — put together the Unite the Right rally for Saturday, to be held at what event posters still call Lee Park. Speakers include some of the alt-right personalities who have flirted most openly with white nationalism, including Baked Alaska, an internet provocateur  who was once the tour manager for fellow internet provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, as well as self-identified white nationalists like Richard Spencer.
Political researcher Spencer Sunshine of the firm Political Research Associates told the Guardian’s Jason Wilson that while the rally was originally intended to attract a broad coalition of right-wing groups, it had become “increasingly Nazified” — with some primarily anti-government “patriot” groups refusing to sign on, and explicitly fascist groups like the National Socialist Movement getting on board instead.
And many supporters and attendees of the rally certainly had no problem using Nazi tropes to promote it, as this “fan art” poster shows:
According to the Charlottesville police affidavit put out before the rally, planned attendees included the Klan; the militia movement (a right-wing movement that gained traction in the 1990s, whose members include the activists who took over a federal nature reserve in early 2016); the “3%”, a right-wing anti-government movement; the Alt-Knights, an alt-right “fight club”; and others.
Police affidavit on tomorrow's "Unite the Right" attendees:
• 150+ Alt Knights
• 250-500 Klu Klux Klan
• 500 "3% Risen"
• 200-300 Militia
9:15 PM - Aug 11, 2017
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The Nazification of the alt-right
The arc of the Unite the Right rally — from an ostensible attempt to bring a broad coalition of conservative groups together to protest the controversial removal of a statue, to a “Nazified” rally for “the pro-white movement in America” — mirrors what’s been happening to the alt-right as a whole. The movement’s leaders have become increasingly willing to dabble in white-nationalist rhetoric and tropes, while attempting to avoid direct accusations of being themselves white nationalists.
The rise of the alt-right is one face of a broader backlash against “identity politics” and “political correctness,” which have left some white Americans feeling that they’re losing ground to nonwhites — or that America is losing its identity — and that political, economic, and media elites are either uninterested in defending their heritage or actively trying to eradicate it.
Among some younger, more internet-savvy people, hatred of “political correctness” has paired neatly with online troll culture, in which pushing boundaries and offending people is seen as harmless at worst and a show of cleverness at best.
In 2015 and 2016, the alt-right was an inescapable online presence, with some of its members crediting the movement’s “meme magic” with the unexpected popularity of Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary and, later, the general election. With Trump’s election, some of its leaders have become more seriously engaged in politics, via pro-Trump organizations like the Proud Boys and the Alt-Knights.
Like Trump himself, alt-right leaders didn’t start out by explicitly aligning themselves with the sort of right-wing groups and movements that almost everyone in 2017 America is willing to agree are racist — like the Nazis or the Ku Klux Klan. But racist rhetoric has become a hallmark of the movement, from the use of “cuck” to deride anti-alt-right conservatives to Twitter harassment of Jewish journalists by Photoshopping them into images of Nazi gas chambers.
That crosses the line into ideologies that most Americans agree are taboo. People may believe that Donald Trump supporters aren’t necessarily racists, but they are willing to agree that members of the Klan and Nazis are racists. Indeed, it’s a contrast with those groups that allows some people to draw the line between “real racism” and liberals “crying wolf” about racism. (This is true outside the alt-right as well — just look at pro-Trump commentator Jeffrey Lordfired by CNN this week after tweeting “Sieg heil!” in what he claims was a joke.)
Many public figures and politicians on the left, center, and center-right have argued that the alt-right is defined by these actions — among many on the left, the term “alt-right” itself is an unacceptable euphemism that legitimizes an ideology that would be considered unacceptable if it were simply called white nationalism. Progressive writer Lindy West 
wrote in 2016 that the term “alt-right” was “an attempt to rebrand warmed-over Reconstruction-era white supremacy as a cool, new (and harmless!) internet fad.”
Instead of responding by deliberately distancing themselves from white nationalism, though, leaders of the alt-right have deliberately blurred the distinction. They’ve adopted memes and hand gestures (like the “okay” symbol) as an inside joke, because people outside the movement have mistaken them for white nationalist symbols. The attitude tends to be that if “the left” is going to see them as Nazis, they might as well encourage that conception.
But there are plenty of people whose Naziism isn’t ironic at all. And at an event like the Unite the Right rally, it’s impossible to tell the difference between someone who’s wearing a swastika pin or giving a Nazi salute “ironically” and someone who’s doing it in earnest. The people who claim they’re doing it “ironically” don’t appear to have any problem with that confusion.
The line between “protected speech” and violent street fighting is getting very blurry
As the movement behind the Unite the Right rally has become so closely intertwined with groups universally condemned as racist, the response to the rally has started to treat it as inherently illegitimate — as an attack on the rights of people of color, LGBTQ Americans, non-Christians, and immigrants to live and worship safely in the United States.
Airbnb shut down accounts of users who were seeking accommodations in Charlottesville for the rally, citing its “Community Commitment”: “those who are members of the Airbnb community accept people regardless of their race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age."
And local governments have taken the initiative to shut down right-wing demonstrations before they happen — forcing them into the tricky position of deciding the line between protected free speech activity and physical violence waiting to happen.
In Portland in June, the city government attempted to revoke a permit for a pro-Trump “free speech” rally,, but didn’t succeed — then dispersed the rally and a counter-protest when they descended into violence.
In Charlottesville, the city government attempted to move the Unite the Right rally out of downtown; the ACLU helped defend the rally, and a judge’s injunction Friday night allowed the original plan to remain in place. (Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, meanwhile, urged both would-be rallygoers and would-be counter-protesters to stay away from downtown Charlottesville Saturday.)
The problem is that while the law sees a clear distinction between speech and action when it comes to violence — a peaceful Nazi rally is protected by the First Amendment — many of the people attending do not.
The recent right-wing resurgence has fed a rise in an American “antifa” (short for “anti-fascist”) movement, dedicated to violent resistance of ideologies that it sees as inherently violent (or, in simpler terms, dedicated to punching Nazis). While the counter-protesters to Saturday’s Unite the Right rally planned peaceful resistance, some were prepared for self-defense; local activist Emily Gorecenski told the Guardian that she was carrying a gun because “The second amendment is one of the few civil rights I have left as a trans woman.”
And many rally participants, for their part, were more than willing to beat up counter-protesters — as was demonstrated during a related march Friday night on the campus of the University of Virginia, which devolved into a brawl when marchers assaulted counter-protesters around a statue of Thomas Jefferson.
After stepping in somewhat belatedly on Friday, police officers took an aggressive stand Saturday to prevent the rally from going forward as planned. Both the city of Charlottesville and the state of Virginia declared states of emergency Saturday, minutes before the scheduled start time of the rally (but after clashes had already begun). Shortly before noon, police assembled at the rally site and declared the assembly “unlawful” before the rally actually began, then moved immediately to disperse the crowd.

But it’s too late to keep the Unite the Right rally from becoming violent; to some, its concept was inherently violent, and few appear invested in stopping physical violence from erupting in its wake.
Why this all ends in civil war: Radical Left-wing fascism and intolerance meets right-wing nationalism and resistance
by: Mike Adams        
Saturday, August 12, 2017
(Natural News) The entire Left-wing media has erupted today over the so-called “white nationalist” 
protest in Charlottesville where right-wing groups are protesting the systematic destruction of war monuments and white history in general. It’s worth noting that if the same event were flipped to Muslims, or African-Americans or women, it would be heralded by the Left-wing media as “courageous resistance” against tyranny and oppression. But because the attendees are mostly white conservatives, the event is portrayed as a neo-Nazi, almost “KKK” rally-ish in nature, which is of course a wild misrepresentation of what’s actually happening there. As usual, the Left totally freaks out over everything and sees pointy white hats everywhere they look.
The core assertion of the Left, by the way, is that white people have no right to history or culture. Thus, all monuments, flags and history of “white” America must be wiped clean in a kind of “cultural genocide” run by the intolerant Left. While the culture of African-Americans, Muslims and “progressives” must be celebrated and rewarded, all symbols of “white America” are to be demolished in a style that frankly looks a lot like communist China’s Cultural Revolution.
Meanwhile, radical left-wing groups are arming up all across America, with a group called “Redneck Revolt” (yes, they’re commie left-wingers) recruiting soldiers across 30 U.S. cities and posting documents to their website that teach leftists how to carry out acts of terrorism, torture and mass executions against their intended political enemies.
Another group called “Red Guards Austin” is a heavily armed, Left-wing terrorist group operating out of Austin, Texas. They wear red bandannas, carry “commie gun” AK-47s and call for an armed revolution against the government. Here’s one of their propaganda photos:
Note that the left-wing media never calls such groups dangerous or “hate” based. Rather, such descriptive terms are reserved exclusively for right-wing groups even though it’s the right-wingers who aren’t openly threatening everybody with mass death (as the extreme Left groups openly do).
Here’s another photo of Red Guards Austin marching through downtown Austin, Texas with rifles and face masks at the ready, openly calling for the communist takeover of America:
Yet the left-wing media ignores all that, choosing instead to completely freak out over right-wing protesters in Virginia who don’t want their statues torn down (nor their history “memory holed”).
The Far Left Watch website keeps tabs on left-wing extremism and violence across America, noting that such left-wing violence is always given a pass by the media as well as watchdog groups such as the ADL. NPR, NYT and WashPost will never describe radical left-wing terror groups as engaging in anything other than honorable, ethical “resistance,” even if they are openly calling for mass murder and the overthrow of the government.
Here’s why this all ends in civil war
Why does any of this matter? It’s simple: Thanks to the extreme censorship of Google and Facebook, there is no longer any allowance for public debate on the political or social issues of our time. The radical Left — which includes the “cult” of Google — simply believes that they have the right to silence all those with whom they disagree. Left-wing protesters at UC Berkeley even believe they have the right to pre-emptively murder conservatives in order to halt them from speaking.
The Left has become the fascist bully party of America, engaging in the actual fascism they ridiculously claim is somehow victimizing them. This is, of course, the entire philosophy of “crybullies.” They bully everyone else while claiming to be the victims. The real fascism in America today is squarely rooted in the distorted philosophy of the Left: Bigotry, intolerance and hatred disguised as “inclusiveness” and “diversity.” Now, the Governor of Virginia has even declared that conservatives have no right to assemble in public, denying their clear right to gather in groups to protest what they see as gross injustice against history and their culture. (Naturally, if the protest groups were any color other than white, no such denial of their right to assemble would dare be issued.)
Because no debate is allowed on any meaningful topic anymore — thanks to outrageous censorship of all conservative channels by Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter — the trend now pushes America toward extreme polarization. When the two sides can no longer talk to each other and one side is systematically suppressed by the left-leaning internet gatekeepers like Google, it only leads the two extremes to move further apart in terms of ideology.
Now, it seems clear to me that this cultural split of America has passed the point of no return, leading us to escalation into bloodshed and violence. America, it seems, is just one trigger point away from descending into open warfare on the streets of major cities where Leftists have become intolerant, racist bigots who call for the extermination of Whites, while Right-wingers have become tired of being oppressed, denigrated and verbally abused at every turn.
Listen to my podcasts for more detailed analysis of where this is all headed, and read CivilWar.news to stay informed.


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Poland Stands Firm: No Refugees!


How Polish TV Covers Islamic Attacks And Immigration In Europe
Published on Jul 14, 2017
If CNN or MSNBC saw the way Islamic terror and Muslim immigration is covered on Polish TV they would need a double dose of Xanax.
Polish woman OBLITORATES reporter on ISLAM
Published on Jun 15, 2017

Squatting Slav TV: Mighty Poland will not bow to Islam/EU
Squatting Slav TV
Published on May 26, 2017
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'Poles don't want immigrants. They don't understand them, don't like them'
Poland accepts few refugees and has been little affected by the crisis in Europe, yet its views on immigration are among the most pungent on the continent
Adam Leszczyński of Gazeta Wyborcza in Warsaw
Thursday 2 July 2015
“We don’t want terrorists here,” the Polish pensioner says, when asked about EU plans to resettle refugees more broadly across the continent. “Have you seen what they’re doing in the west?”
It’s a popular view here, if a baffling one. Poland is little affected by the refugee crisis in Europe, and accepts vanishingly small numbers of migrants. And yet the country has some of the most pungent views on immigration on the continent. A recent survey for the television station TVN found that two-thirds of Poles share the same hostility towards immigrants expressed by the Warsaw grandmother cited above.
According to a study in 2013 by the Centre for Research on Prejudice – a professional academic centre at the University of Warsaw – as many as 69% of Poles do not want non-white people living in their country.
A vast majority believe that immigrants take work away from Poles and that their presence is detrimental for the economy. It’s a view shared more broadly in eastern Europe, despite insignificant migrant flows in all of Poland’s eastern neighbours.
Politicians are in a fix. On the one hand, the EU has asked Poland to do more to resettle foreigners in the name of European solidarity. Some of Poland’s partners note that it has done very well out of EU membership. Now is the time to give back.
On the other, the ruling Civic Platform faces a tough challenge to be re-elected in autumn elections. It is not the only government finding it hard to stay on the right side of both the electorate and the eurocrats.
“People just don’t want immigrants here,” one senior Civic Platform politician says. “They don’t understand them, they don’t like them, and believe that their maintenance is too expensive.”
As a result, the government has consistently protested against EU allocations for refugee quotas, which suggest that next year Poland should take about 1,000.
In the spring, Civic Platform found itself under pressure from NGOs that appealed for the admission of 300 Syrian Christian families threatened with death by Islamists (but it was stressed that they were Christians, and therefore less culturally alien).
According to the UN high commissioner for refugees, Poland has pledged to accept just 100 Syrian refugees between 2016 and 2020.
Poland has never been a hospitable country for refugees. In 2014 the head of the office for immigration granted protection to just 732 foreigners, and refused entry to 2,000 people. Of those accepted, 115 were Syrian – although civil war in Syria has forced 4 million people to flee. About 5,500 cases were dismissed, primarily because refugees were trying to reach western Europe, particularly Germany.
Representatives of NGOs told the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza that Poland does not want even a few hundred refugees, although the EU quota is a mere drop in the ocean for the 38 million residents in the country.
“Poland has never had a serious public debate about refugees. Nobody has ever tried to explain to Polish people that one of the moral and formal obligations of EU countries is to help those who seek shelter because they are persecuted,” says Weronika Rokicka from Amnesty International Polska.
“The government should carry out a major educational campaign. For years no one has done this and now that a crisis has erupted associated with the wave of refugees, Polish people are completely unprepared.”
urveys show that for a majority of Poles the world’s problems should should be dealt with by someone else.
Politicians can sense this mood. It’s no accident that – according to OECD statistics – Poland was the lowest contributor of development aid in proportion to gross national income in 2014. Development assistance last year fell from 0.1% of gross national income to just 0.08%.
One again, the government broke its solemn commitment that this year Poland would spend 0.33% of national income on development aid. This attitude is striking for a country that for three decades has taken money from foreign countries in handfuls.
Under martial law, many Poles received packages from the west filled with clothes and food. In the last decade Poland has received tens of millions of euros from the EU in development assistance.
The ruling political party as well as the right-wing opposition Law and Justice party belong to a generation that often sought political asylum in the west in the 1980s - and usually got it.
It would seem that the Solidarność generation is not too eager to prove its own solidarity.
71% Of People In Poland Want To Ban Muslim Immigration
by Tyler Durden
Jun 8, 2017
The only way to protect Poland from Islamic terror attacks is to not allow Muslims to migrate en masse. That is now the view of 71% of the people.
This is becoming the major issue in Poland and is at its core dispute with Brussels. As a reminder, Poland recently followed Hungary's lead in corralling migrants...
Poland is mulling setting up special camps where asylum seekers would be housed in containers and kept behind fences in the event of another migration crisis, according to the country’s interior minister.
“The thing is to be ready for such a situation in the form of places in which those waiting for deportation would be kept who may try to break the law,” Mariusz Baszczak told Polish radio on Tuesday. “That’s all it entails. Besides, there are similar container camps in France and in Germany.”
It’s a very similar approach to one adopted by Hungary, which has come under fire from the EU for its harsh approach to asylum seekers.
The camps are part of an overhaul of the asylum system to restrict migration planned by the country’s Law and Justice party (PiS) government.
It would allow border guards to detain asylum seekers for up to 28 days along the border while their applications are processed, “which will prevent efforts to illegally move to Western Europe.”
When it comes to reducing the chances of Poland being hit by Islamic terror attacks, the overwhelming consensus is to simply ban Muslim migrants for the so called Syrian refugee crisis.
The most amazing thing is Brussels takes the position of accept refugees or get out of the EU.
Poland still has its own currency. For its own survival, it should link with the USA and exit the EU. Many American banks and companies have moved their back-offices to Poland. They have far more to gain with a trade relationship with the USA than with the EU.
Why Poland doesn’t want refugees
An ethnically homogenous nation battles EU efforts to distribute asylum seekers.
By Jan Cienski           
May 21, 2017, Updated May 26, 2017
WARSAW — The right-wing Polish government is under pressure from the EU to finally begin accepting asylum seekers. But it’s the country’s leading opposition party that’s paying the political price.
Poland, along with Hungary, has refused to take in any refugees under a 2015 deal that was supposed to allocate 160,000 people among EU member countries in order to take the load off Greece and Italy.
Warsaw shrugged off the threat. “In agreeing to take in refugees, the [previous government] put a ticking bomb under us,” Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak told reporters in Brussels. “We’re defusing that bomb.”
But the pressure from Brussels is forcing the opposition Civic Platform party into increasingly dramatic contortions.
Grzegorz Schetyna, the leader of Civic Platform, first told a reporter that his party was against accepting refugees — something of a problem since it was the previous Civic Platform government (in which Schetyna served as foreign minister) that agreed to accept 6,200 asylum seekers from the EU pool.
Within days Schetyna scrambled back, saying Civic Platform was against “illegal migrants” but that he favored accepting “the few dozen people who want to come to Poland.”
Both Schetyna and former Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, who agreed to the EU deal, say that Poland won’t accept any EU-mandated top-down allocation of refugees, and that countries have to be in full control over who they accept.
Keep them out
The party’s verbal gymnastics make sense politically. Opinion polls show that about three-quarters of Poles are against accepting refugees from Africa and the Middle East.
It’s not just Civic Platform that’s uncomfortable about being too pro-refugee. The leader of the Polish People’s Party, Civic Platform’s junior coalition partner when it ruled from 2007-2015, is similarly cautious.
“We’ll never close the door to orphans,” said Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, adding “but let the young men fight for the freedom of their countries.”
The ruling Law and Justice party tapped into that unease during the 2015 parliamentary election campaign, which was also the peak of the migration crisis that shook the EU. Jarosław Kaczyński, the party’s leader and Poland’s de facto ruler, warned that migrants carry “all sorts of parasites and protozoa, which … while not dangerous in the organisms of these people, could be dangerous here.”
After the election, the new government immediately backtracked on its predecessor’s promise to take in asylum seekers and has held fast to that stance.
The reason given is that Muslim migrants could be a problem for Poland’s homogenous society.
Kaczyński reiterated his antipathy toward refugees in an interview with the Gazeta Polska Codziennie newspaper published Monday, warning that Poland “would have to completely change our culture and radically lower the level of safety in our country.” He also said that Poland “would have to use some repression” to prevent “a wave of aggression, especially toward women” on the part of asylum seekers.
Błaszczak warned that EU pressure on Poland to accept refugees “is a straight road to a social catastrophe, with the result that in a few years Warsaw could look like Brussels.”
There’s a similar dynamic in Budapest, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has explained his defiance of Brussels in politically popular terms of defending European and Christian civilization against an onslaught of outsiders.
Poland is one of the most homogenous countries in Europe — overwhelmingly Polish and Roman Catholic. That wasn’t the case until the Second World War. Before 1939, about 10 percent of the population was Jewish, and there were large Ukrainian, Belarusian, German and other minorities — ethnic Poles only made up two-thirds of the country.
The blood-drenched harrowing of the war, followed by post-war border shifts and ethnic cleansing, created a racially pure Poland for the first time in history — fulfilling the dreams of earlier generations of extreme nationalists. Despite being in the EU, there’s little appetite in Poland to create a West-European style multi-ethnic society.
That creates a conundrum for the opposition, which wants to stake out a more strongly pro-EU position than the government in a bid to appeal to the country’s more liberal urban electorate, but doesn’t want to offend traditionalists.
It also puts it at odds with Donald Tusk, the founder of Civic Platform and former prime minister who is now president of the European Council. Civic Platform’s recent resurgence in opinion polls was spurred by the government’s failed attempt to block a second term for Tusk, which created a wave of sympathy for him and for his old party.
Tusk isn’t amused
But Tusk has made it pretty clear he wants Poland to fall in line with the rest of the bloc and fulfill its obligations to accept asylum seekers. Even Austria has said it will start accepting refugees, leaving only Hungary and Poland resisting.
If the Polish government doesn’t take part, “it will come with inevitable consequences,” he warned in Polish last week.
The government reacted with fury, suggesting holding a referendum over whether Poles would agree to accept refugees.
“There’s a risk that we’ll see the [European Commission] in court” if it tries to impose financial penalties on Poland, Konrad Szymański, the deputy foreign minister, told the Radio Zet station.
While the government’s stance on refugees is popular with its base, it’s creating discomfort in parts of the hierarchy of the powerful Roman Catholic Church as it differs radically from the pro-refugee position of Pope Francis. Polish bishops have called on the country to help refugees.
Bishop Tadeusz Pieronek, from the more liberal wing of the Church, told the Rzeczpospolita newspaper that accepting a few hundred asylum seekers isn’t much of a problem for a country of 38 million.
“Not accepting refugees practically means resigning from being a Christian,” he said. “I’m ashamed of those who don’t want to do their duty not just as Christians but as human beings.”
Critics also point out that Poles were massive beneficiaries of refugee policies in the past when thousands of people fleeing the military regime in the early 1980s were allowed to settle in Western Europe.
But the government, whose top officials are ostentatiously pious and which finds strong backing from the conservative wing of the Church, is no more willing to listen to the admonishments of Rome than of Brussels.
“The Polish government will not change its mind about the refugees. It’s a final decision,” Elżbieta Witek, chief of the prime minister’s cabinet office, told TVP, the state broadcaster. “I’m a Christian and a Catholic and I try to be a good person, and the Polish government acts in the same way … A good Christian is someone who helps, not necessarily by accepting refugees.”
This article has been updated with new comments on accepting refugees from Jarosław Kaczyński published Monday.
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article misstated Mariusz Błaszczak’s position. He is interior minister.
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Cyber Attacks On Health Site "NaturalNews" To Silence Truth!


Vaccine Pioneer Admits Adding CANCER-CAUSING VIRUS to Vaccine!
Ava SilverMoon
Published on Aug 2, 2012
In this interview Dr. Maurice Hilleman reveals some astounding revelations. He admits that Merck drug company vaccines (Polio) had been deliberately contaminated with SV40, a cancer-causing monkey virus from 1953 - 63. 

For years, researchers suggested that millions of vials of polio vaccine, contaminated with SV40, infected individuals which caused human tumors, and by 1999, molecular evidence of SV40 infections were showing up in children born after 1982. Some experts now suggest the virus may have remained in the polio vaccine until as late as 1999. 
In 2002, the journal Lancet published compelling evidence that contaminated polio vaccine was responsible for up to half of the 55,000 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma cases that were occurring each year. And there is the likelihood that there was an importing and spreading of the AIDS virus in the same manner, as revealed in the video.
At first no one could fathom how the virus had been transmitted into the human population, but this shocking video proves that it was deliberately added to the vaccine by Dr. Maurice Hilleman, which was "good science" at that time.
Just Who is Dr. Maurice Hilleman?
Now, for those of you who may think Dr. Hilleman was just another crackpot (he passed away in 2005), think again. He was, and still is, the leading vaccine pioneer in the history of vaccines. He developed more than three dozen vaccines—more than any other scientist in history—and was the developer of Merck's vaccine program. 
He was a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society, and received a special lifetime achievement award from the World Health Organization. 
When he was chief of the Department of Respiratory Diseases with what's now the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, he discovered the genetic changes that occur when the influenza virus mutates, known as shift and drift. He was also one of the early vaccine pioneers to warn about the possibility that simian viruses might contaminate vaccines.So Dr. Hilleman knew what he was talking about. And in his own words, "vaccines have to be considered the bargain basement technology for the 20th Century."
For more info on vaccines and exemptions see:
Facebook declares WAR on CHILDREN: Censors independent science that tries to protect infants from medical harm
by: Mike Adams
Wednesday, August 09, 2017
(Natural News) As part of Facebook’s war against truth and reality, the social media Ministry of Truth just blocked 100 percent of all posts from Natural News, one of the internet’s most trafficked sites on independent science, natural medicine and disease prevention. Having attracted over 2.2 million Facebook likes over the last decade, Natural News is relied upon by millions of people for independent science and medicine reporting that blows the whistle on dangerous prescription medications, vaccine adverse events and toxic pesticides and herbicides.
For example, Natural News was the first and only independent science organization to build a large-scale private lab and test flu shots for mercury contamination. The results found flu shots to contain 25,000 times more mercury than the legal limit of mercury in public water, by the way. And those data are backed by ISO accreditation.
Facebook’s decision to block Natural News posts came immediately after Natural News posted a link to this White House petition which calls for an end to legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers, who currently cannot be sued by the thousands of families whose children are maimed or killed by vaccines 
every year in the United States alone. The petition also demands the following reforms:
  • Impose a five-year moratorium on all childhood vaccines from birth to age eighteen.
  • Repeal the 1986 National Childhood vaccine injury Act and return vaccines to the traditional civil justice system.
  • Perform large scale studies of vaccinated and un-vaccinated children.
  • Ban direct pharmaceutical advertising to consumers and allow such advertising only to medical professionals.
Facebook immediately deleted the post within minutes, then slammed a total site sharing ban on the NaturalNews.com domain, halting any sharing of the White House petition that seeks to protect children from medical harm.
Facebook declares war on children
If thousands of children across America were being harmed by President Trump, Facebook would amplify any attempt to bring attention to that problem, but when children are harmed, maimed or killed by vaccines — which even the U.S. government admits happens thousands of times per year — Facebook’s culture of collusion and child sacrifice is so ingrained in its twisted culture that article posts which highlight such dangers are permanently banned from sharing.
In other words, under the control of globalist Mark Zuckerberg — who cares for no one but himself — Facebook is actively silencing independent science that seeks to protect children from medical harm.
Facebook has joined the chemical war against our children, in other words, ripping a page right out of the Holocaust which destroyed the lives of six million Jews in the claimed goal of creating a “master race.” Now, Mark Zuckerberg follows in a similar pattern of crimes against humanity to collude with a murderous, baby-sacrificing industry in order to achieve the so-called “greater good” of medicine, even if it means sacrificing some children in the process.
Globalists like Zuckerberg often pursue child sacrifice or rape in their ascension to power
Not surprisingly, the very theme of child sacrifice is widely reflected across globalist culture, where pedophilia and human trafficking run rampant through the halls of power. Just recently, for example, a high-ranking member of the Washington elite pleaded guilty to child rape. He’s a Democrat named Richard Keenan, and he raped a 4-year-old girl but claimed “she came on to me.”
Mark Zuckerberg isn’t accused of raping little children with his biology, but he controls the social media network that openly espouses the medical violation of childrens’ bodies with toxic injections — a form of “medical rape” that obscenely violates the American Medical Association’s medical ethics when mandated by coercive government (as has already happened in California with SB 277).
Further adding to the horrifying truth of what Zuckerberg and Facebook are really up to, many vaccines given to children in America today are made from the ground-up, homogenized, disease-inoculated organs of aborted black babies. These “human embryonic lung cell cultures” are openly listed as chicken pox vaccine ingredients by the CDC and vaccine manufacturers, all of whom also openly admit that vaccines are made from diseased animal organs such as African Green Monkey kidney cells. (MMR vaccines are also made from the tissue of aborted human babies.)
These are scientific facts, not conspiracy theories. Every statement in the previous paragraph is confirmed by the CDC itself. The CDC even confirmed Natural News reporting on all this, validating the existence of these ingredients in vaccines.
Mark Zuckerberg promotes the sacrificial medical raping of children for profit… while silencing those who seek to protect children from harm
In other words, the modern practice of vaccination has become something of a medical cannibalism ritual carried out as a kind of sacrificial medical violation of children… and it’s all apparently approved by Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, who seems to be wanting to run for President of the United States where he can no doubt impose mandatory vaccine violations of all children as a whole new standard of medical violence against innocents.
At least the Democrat in Washington only raped a few children. Zuckerberg and Facebook and making sure that, through the censorship of factual truth on vaccine ingredients and vaccine dangers, the pharmaceutical industry can successfully violate and “penetrate” millions of U.S. children per year with dangerous injections of foreign DNA from aborted babies, diseased animal organs and unidentified viral strains. (Related: Read Vaccines.news for more news on ingredients used in vaccines.)
Thousands of years ago, the Mayans sacrificed humans to the Gods, killing them en masse to appease the high priests of their culture. As reported by MayaIncaAztec.com:
Ritual sacrifices played a vital role in the Mayan realm. They sacrificed both animals and humans. The supreme sacrifice was the human life. This took place during elaborate ceremonies. Sacrificial scenes have been depicted in ancient Mayan ceramics, sculptures and murals. Like the Aztecs, this was all done in an attempt to appease the gods. Slaves, criminals, bastards, orphans and children made up the bulk of the sacrificial victims. Children were desired because of their innocence, and they would sometimes be abducted or purchased from neighboring cities. The purchase price was paid in red beans.
Today, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook demand the ritualistic sacrifice of children to the “vaccine gods” as a way to appease their globalist controllers. Just like in the era of the Maya, children are especially prized for their innocence which is violated by puncturing the skin and injecting the child with foreign DNA extracted from other children sacrificed at abortion centers.
Quite literally, the dead children are liquefied and “fed” to other children, many of whom are maimed or killed by the toxic intervention (yes, this is how vaccines are manufactured). This is all carried out in the name of “science,” just as the Maya high priests carried out their sacrifices in the name of “cosmic powers.”
What few people have recognized yet is that in the realm of globalist power, the sacrifice of children is always required for an ascending globalist to “prove” their commitment to the cause. Zuckerberg, you see, wants to become a “high priest” of the modern technocracy which is founded in a scientific dictatorship, medical tyranny and the power of the coercive state. The ritualistic sacrifice of children is a necessary component of those ascensions to power. Read Population Control by Jim Marrs — who just passed away over the last few days — to learn the deeper evidence explaining all this. (Beware what you may learn when you venture down this rabbit hole…)
In summary, Mark Zuckerberg is a child-sacrificing, globalist ascension seeker whose rise to power must be accompanied by prescribing the mass “medical raping,” genetic violation and ritualistic deaths of children. In order to achieve that, Facebook must block websites that openly discuss factual vaccine ingredients, their horrifying aborted human baby origins and why they are added to vaccines in the first place (especially when many ingredients have nothing whatsoever to do with viral strains).
Zuckerberg doesn’t want you to be aware of any of this because awareness of his true agenda would halt its progress. The only way to sacrifice babies and get away with it is to disguise the rituals under the labels of “science” and “medicine” while claiming you’re actually saving lives rather than destroying them. This is the deeper reason why Facebook has blocked Natural News. No curiosity is allowed. No questions are tolerated. No facts are welcomed on Facebook.
Read more about the totalitarian, child-sacrificing globalist known as Mark Zuckerberg at 
MarkZuckerberg.news. Before long, you will come to understand why Zuckerberg is an extreme danger to humanity, posing just as much of a threat to us as Kim Jong-Un.
Natural News targeted in massive, well-funded, multi-nation DDoS attack to silence debate on vaccines
by: Mike Adams        
Tuesday, August 08, 2017
(Natural News) SECURITY ALERT: For the last 48 hours, Natural News has been subjected to a large-scale, extremely well-funded DDoS attack that caused intermittent outages of site availability. The attack began shortly after Natural News linked to this White House petition demanding an end to legal immunity for the vaccine industry.
The attack has already been waged for over 48 hours and continues. While Natural News servers were never brought down, the initial wave of the attack successfully overwhelmed the hardware firewall protecting Natural News servers, causing gateway traffic failures. At its peak, the attack bombarded Natural News servers with 250,000 requests per second.
No ransom demands were received. No warnings were given. This was not a profiteering scheme; it was a “destroy” mission, plain and simple.
To defend against the attack, additional defenses were put in place while a firewall upgrade took place, including browser challenge logic that deflected 90% of the DDoS attack traffic. The firewall upgrade means that attacking parties will now need to expend significantly more resources to interfere with Natural News traffic in the future.
Natural News app traffic was not affected, and the mobile app remains the best way to receive Natural News posts without interference. The app is available on Android (Google Play) and iPhone platforms (iTunes).
Why the cyber attack tracks back to the corrupt CDC and its criminal operation to silence the vaccine debate
Natural News believes the attack was masterminded in part by the CDC, a known criminal organization and pillar of the deep state that functions as the vaccine propaganda branch of the pharmaceutical industry. The CDC already uses taxpayer money to
push vaccine propaganda through pop culture outlets (movies, TV shows, sitcoms, etc.). CDC cohorts include the international fugitive from justice known as Poul Thorsen, a fraudulent researcher who used CDC money to fake safety studies claiming to show thimerosal is safe to inject into children. See the story Key CDC scientist who downplayed vaccine-autism connection is now fleeing from justice.
Click here for a PDF document detailing the web of lies, deceit and criminality involving the CDC, Emory University, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline and the vaccine industry.
The CDC is run by a Major in the U.S. Air Force, which also runs Cyber Command
The CDC is a military organization run by an Air Force Major known as Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D. She served at the Wurtsmith Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) Base in Michigan and at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, D.C. Why is this significant? Because the United States Air Force runs Cyber Command, an infrastructure engineered to carry out acts of cyber warfare against intended targets.
Photo of the CDC director in full Air Force uniform:
The U.S. Air Force began the shift to a major command devoted to cyberwarfare operations Sept. 18 with the creation of a provisional Cyber Command. Though organizational in nature — the Air Force already deals extensively with cyberwarfare — the shift nevertheless marks a significant move toward making the military exploitation of cyberspace operational.
The official site of the U.S. Air Force Cyber Command is the 24th Air Force site.
With the CDC functioning as the propaganda and enforcement wing of the vaccine industry, and the CDC now headed by a Major in the U.S. Air Force which runs cyber attacks against targeted enemies, it wasn’t difficult for Natural News to put the pieces of this puzzle together and realize the CDC is likely behind the DDoS attacks targeting Natural News.  In exactly the same way President Obama weaponized the IRS to target conservative non-profits, the CDC has been weaponized by the drug industry to silence debate on vaccines and vaccine injury.
Propaganda Used for Promoting the Polio Vaccine
Published on Apr 4, 2013
Propaganda was used heavily to promote the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and the March of Dimes solution to the polio epidemics - a vaccine. This clip is just a small taste of how American citizens were blanketed with propaganda.
The polio vaccine was created by culturing the poliovirus on monkey testicles and kidneys. The polio vaccine was found to be contaminated with the cancer causing SV40 (Simian Virus 40).
Natural News offers $50,000 reward for evidence linking cyber attacks on vaccine websites to the CDC
As part of our efforts to expose the criminality and corruption of the CDC, Natural News is offering a $50,000 reward for evidence that conclusively links the CDC to cyber attacks on vaccine truth websites.
More details on this reward offer will be posted soon. If you are working inside the CDC (or with the CDC) and have such evidence, obviously do not send it to us through any channel that can be tracked by the NSA. Otherwise, you will be murdered like Seth Rich, obviously. (Not a joke.)
More attacks will be waged against Natural News… get the app to stay informed
Now that Natural News has attained international scientific credibility with our science lab (CWClabs.com) and analytical testing of vaccines for heavy metals, we will continue to be targeted by the CDC, the pharmaceutical cartel and other nefarious actors who depend on the truth about vaccines remaining suppressed.
You can expect more attacks to target Natural News on a regular basis, and that means website outages may occur on a regular basis.
Your answer to all this is simple:
  • Subscribe to our email newsletter (it’s free). This way, we can reach you via email.
  • Install the Natural News app on your Android or iPhone device. This app does not rely on the web hosting infrastructure and operates independently.
  • Ditch Fakebook and join Share.NaturalNews.com, an open source social network that never censors any posts. (It runs on Diaspora.)
  • Help support the Health Ranger Store, which provides you the world’s most laboratory-scrutinized, ultra-clean superfoods and nutrients, all while financially supporting our efforts to keep bringing you the truth on vaccine, GMOs, pesticides, dangerous pharmaceuticals and more.
Thank you for all your support! We are fighting for humanity every day here at Natural News, and we will not be defeated, silenced or intimidated. They can wage cyber warfare against us, they can censor us and they can lie about us, but they cannot break our spirit of truth and freedom
Forever your defender,
– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Why Do Children Receive So Many Vaccines at Once- CDC Exposed! Nov. 29, 2012
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